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  1. FAQ > Admin: How to create your index (Advanced) - [s]

    Open admin.php with your browser. Credential is stored in config file. The admin.php is only for advanced user.

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  3. FAQ > Search Syntax - [s]

    This tool is based on Zend Lucene Search and the default is AND search and case insensitive. Most of common syntax such as double-quote("), AND, OR, plus(+) works. However, unfortunately, complicated syntax such as regular expression might not work as of this writing. Examples: A) [This is test] returns docs contain "this", "is", and "test" B) ["This is a test"] returns docs contain "this is a test" C) [this AND is AND test] is same as [this is test] D) [this OR is OR test] returns docs contain "this" or "is" or test" (so that potentially you get many results) E) [+this +is +test] is same as [this is test] F) [subject:mysql] returns docs which subject contains "mysql" G) [datetime:[20140102 TO 20140202]] returns docs which update between 2014-01-02 and 2014-02-02

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  5. FAQ > What is Bookmarklet link? - [s]

    Bookmarklet is a tiny javascript which is used in browser's Bookmark Bar. Our bookmarklet helps you to fill in some of fields (URL, Subject and Summary) of the HTML form when you add/modify an index document. As of this writing, you need to login to use Bookmarklet or bookmarklet.php.

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  7. FAQ > What is the difference between logged in and not logged in user? - [s]

    Logged in user can 1) select own index (and more), 2) change the number of returning rows, 3) add/modify index 4) get more server resource (plan)

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